Setting a Romantic Bath

August 8, 2009 — Leave a comment

A Special Guest Article by Joy Nordenstrom
Joy of Romance, Inc.

Is your love stressed out? If you want to help her unwind, de-stress but not CRASH, one of my favorite suggestions is a romantic bubble bath…

If you know you are going to surprise her, get started the day before. Take time to turn the bathroom into a comfortable place for her. Are the tub and floors clean? Are there are fluffy towels and a clean bath mat?

On the way home, grab a bottle of bubbly, a white wine or some vodka… grapes, a mango or an orange are all good fruits to hand feed her while she’s chilling in the tub. Maybe get some rose petals and a couple flowers to place in the bathroom. Make sure you have candles. And have something romantic to read to her.

Chill your drink in the refrigerator as soon as you get home till right before she arrives then put some ice in a champagne bucket or if you don’t have one, simply use a big bowl or a pot.

Know this before hand: does she like bubble bath? Is there a particular scent she loves or one she hates? Make sure to get it right. If bubbles aren’t her favorite how about a few drops of essential oil or some bath salts. Finding out the answers to these questions may be an adventure unto itself.

If possible, get home before she does. Make sure the house is tidy and as mentioned the bathroom ready for her.

Have some relaxing music playing. Cable music channels like classical, jazz or love songs do wonders if you don’t already have an appropriate mix on your iPod.

Find out when she is about 15 minutes away from home. Get the elixir of choice chilling in some ice, two glasses, put the fruits on a tray in the bathroom, light candles throughout the house and turn off the lights, have the music on, reading material in bathroom and start the bathtub running a few minutes before she arrives.

When she arrives you can start undressing her at the door on her way to the bathroom or simply leave a note on the door for her to start undressing as she follows the trail of rose petals to the door of the bathroom. The only rule is no talking about work or the day’s stressors.

Now she can brag about you to her girlfriends. You benefit because she will be thinking about you when you are apart and she will be getting positive feedback from her friends. Now her friends’ husbands may hate you but it doesn’t matter because you are the one continuing to score big points. Think of it as residual income… do something one day, she thinks about it throughout the next and will want to thank you again and again.

Editor’s Note: This rated G article is based on the script from an episode of Joy’s “Intelligent Love: 411 for Men” series. Click here to see the original (note: PG13!) podcast or better yet, visit her website ( for more great tips.

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