#RC01: Romance Me with Chocolate?

August 25, 2009 — 3 Comments

Romance Challenge #1: What is the most romantic G rated thing you can do that includes chocolate?

@Smoph: Make a little corsage of chocolates.. Those are cute! And tasty! ^.^
I’m intrigued. Can’t say I’ve seen one! Sounds like an idea for someone with Love Language: Gifts.

How can you incorporate chocolate into your romantic gestures?

How can you use chocolate as a romantic gesture?

Difficult to Get Right

My own experience is that using chocolate skilfully as a romantic gesture is high risk & has a high degree of difficulty. With so many parameters (amount, dark/light, flavors, timing, etc.), chocolates are difficult – but potentially worth it.

@tetsuourashima: But that’s how it scores you extra points! If you KNOW her favorite type, style, etc.,  it shows how much you love them!  Definitely buy her chocolate truffles during her period. Gets you gratitude AND it helps her feel better!

@Shairbearg: Hubby surprises me by bringing home chocolate  just to make me happy!
Good man.

@Eckstatic: Depends on the lady really – dark high quality chocolate at the right moment can lead to a win.

@ImDevilicious: high quality? Blah! Bring me an Almond  Joy and I’m yours!!!
Nice. I’m a mounds fan myself.

@ShellyRouse: Chocolate?[...] I think it has become sort of trite &  seems uncreative. Call & offer to bring home Chinese? I’m yours!
I hear you. Chocolate isn’t for everyone.

Chocolate for Quality Time

@MooKooJoe: Bake some chocolate chip cookies together, and then enjoy them together with a glass of milk.
A great activity for an SO with Love Language: Quality Time.

@kit_cat1974: ummm… decorate #cupcakes !!!!
Truth. One of my daughter’s favorite activities with her friends.

@katzmeow1221: FONDUE!!!
Another good Quality Time activity.

@michellemerritt: Take the DeBrands tour in Fort Wayne.
Many cities have chocolate factory tours. An idea that has potential.

Chocolate for Guys?

Guys, does chocolate work for you on the receiving end? I like Purdy’s milk caramels but , personally, bring me Pringles. ;-)

@wyndwalker: Not much of a candy guy, chocolate-chocolate cake on the other hand . . .

@ke_nny: I’d rather have a pound of good coffee.
You are not alone. I have a chocolate box at work & I only have one guy that uses it regularly.

@lottloft: lol…I have a chocolate basket at work and I spend about $5 a week filling it!! That person must not work in IT!

I spend easily that too; double during report card season. :-) That said, it’s almost only lady “customers.” I often wonder why.

@lottloft: I have found that in general more women like chocolate than men. But I work with so many men &  they eat bigger portions!

[This page is a work in progress. I would love to hear your ideas. I look forward to reading your comments.]

3 responses to #RC01: Romance Me with Chocolate?

  1. Ahh this is very nice. I love the whole idea of this blog.

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. @wtcc Buy one of those big Hershey’s Kisses, and print your invite on a strip of paper inserted into the foil at the top.