#RC02 & #RC04: Romance me when I’m ill?

December 13, 2009 — Leave a comment

A while back I had the flu and it inspired this challenge.

Romance Challenge 2: Describe something romantic to do for someone feeling ill.

@AirJunkie Two words: Sponge Bath!

An especially good idea for someone whose love language is physical touch.

Have you ever done something romantic for someone that is ill?

Have you ever done something romantic for someone that is ill?

@allisonroesberr A comfy place to sit/lay down, favourite beverage and snuggles work here, along with soft tissues!

Sounds fabulous.

@lottloft hold a washcloth to his/her head if feverish. Just sit with him/her for a while. Bring ginger ale with a straw.

This would go over especially well for someone whose love language is Acts of Service.

A few days later, this related situation came up:

Romance Challenge 4: Male SO has tonsillitis, has no health insurance and hasn’t been able to see a doctor. They live a 1000 miles apart; he is in Florida; she in South Dakota. She can’t visit. What could she do for him?

@Sarah_MO: I’d wire some money for a doc visit and some chicken soup.

Great idea. Do you know if Western Union can deliver to the door?

@liakov: She could send a zpack in the mail.

@lottloft She could find a local (to him) restaurant that will deliver chicken soup…or, since it is Florida, popsicles!

Comfort right to his door.

Have you fought cancer? Been hospitalized for an extended period of time? Has anyone ever experienced a rated G romantic gesture related to a long term illness/injury? Was it a #romancewin or a #romancefail? I’d love to hear your story.

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