#RC03: Romance on a Toonie

December 21, 2009 — 3 Comments

Romance Challenge #3: Your have $2 & no other supplies; you can be anywhere in the world. Create a romantic gesture for your significant other.

@Nuk3dawg: Send a mushy postcard she’ll get on return home.

A great time-delayed gesture!

Romance on $2?

Romance on $2?

@o0omunkieo0o: Easy- write down 50 reasons you love them on notebook paper. Make a blanket bed on the floor in the living room & spendthe night together with no electronics. Spend the $2 on their favorite candy/soda.

Sometimes the most meaningful things don’t cost much more than time. “Affirmative Words” is my love language with Quality Time” not far behind, so this would be an awesome date for me. Hopefully the Mrs. is listening. LOL. (P.S. Diet Coke, blue Livewires.)

@allisonroesberr: At the beach: use stick to draw heart and write “I love you” in the wet sand. Go spend $2 on ice cream cones.

@tinandril: Chocolate dipped cones and a walk on the beach. That would be something we’d both love.


@scribblequeen: Stop at a dollar store, buy a cheap pail & a bottle of water for wildflowers. Build sandcastles on the beach.


@MissWy: You only have $2 but you have each other! I don’t know what $2 buys but a good spool of ribbon would do! Create all kinds of presents :)

Hmm… the mind can only wonder what kinds of presents you mean. :-)

@coparenting101: Notebook and pencil to write a love letter.

A classic that can be embellished for free.

@augustday1962: My love James & I recreated our 1st dates; fake fire on the TV, same food at his house. He was dying of pancreatic cancer. Best $2 I ever spent.

What a beautiful memory. :-( My condolences for your loss.

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3 responses to #RC03: Romance on a Toonie

  1. By a single daisy, attach a note that says: “she loves me – she loves me not.” (Make sure to trim the daisy so there are an odd number of petals!)

  2. I love your “make sure” comment. ;-)

  3. An interesting read no doubt – thanks for taking the time to write this!