#RC1218: Ice is Nice

December 18, 2010 — 2 Comments

Romance Challenge 1218: Think of a rated G romantic gesture that involves ice.

To help guide your thinking, remember the five love languages. Here are a few examples:

  • Quality Time – Take your heartmate to the skating rink and enjoy some time holding one another up (at least that’s how it works in our house. #MrCantSkate).
  • Words of Affirmation – Etch a heart, initials and a message into the ice of a frozen pond. Note: If you heartmate isn’t into PDA, be sure it is possible to cover up the message with snow after it has been seen.
  • Acts of Service – Salt a path in the driveway for your heartmate before they arrive home. For an added touch, use the opportunity to leave a message or hearts along the edges.
  • Gifts – When in doubt, diamonds are great “ice” for her. On a totally different tack, consider carving an ice sculpture ahead of time for your heartmate and making it a “destination surprise” for a winter walk together.
  • Physical Touch – ‘Tis the season for accidental sprains. Be ready with a comforting ice pack and apply it tenderly while watching a favorite movie together.

Let’s have some fun with this! Leave a suggestion in a comment for a chance to win a copy of “Love & Respect” courtesy of the Thomas Nelson Publishing’s Love & Respect contest.

2 responses to #RC1218: Ice is Nice

  1. Since my ‘Mrs.’ is the most imaginative and creative woman I know I would have to put a lot of thought into this one to impress her. She gets bored very easily and ice woould be something that she would loose interest in very quickly (she is a fire type person ;) )

    Quality time: Teaching her how to skate would be in my eyes so much fun. I would love the opportunity of having her hold onto me and look into each other eyes while probably laughing. Being her instructor would melt my heart since she is always instructing me around the house :)

    Words of affirmation: On one side of an ice block I would etch into the ice “your name is forever engraved in my heart,” while allowing her to write whatever comes to mind that she believes about me on the other side. I would keep that block in my rfeezer and let it sit there for as long as we live.

    Acts of service: I would carve into the ice on her windshield the date we fell in love and wait to see her reaction before going outside to defrost her car for her.

    Gifts: I would ice her heart shapes in the freezer and serve them to her while snaeking in kisses in between. She loves chewing on ice :)

    Physical Touch: I would blindfold her and allow the ice to touch her most sensory spots: wrists, neck, etc. and be there to warm up each spot with a kiss.

  2. Awesome Miquel. Great ideas. And before anyone get’s mad at me… I know, I know… a little PG. ;)