Long Distance Love?

February 6, 2011 — 1 Comment


I Love You Txt

How do you show love to your distant heartmate?


I was one of the original tele-commuters, traveling back and forth between Vancouver and Columbus, OH for work in the 80’s. I was never gone more than two weeks at a time, but at the end of those two weeks I was always ready to go home. I craved face to face communication; the kind of affirmative words that only a smile can convey.

Flash forward to today. The internet has been a blessing to many, connecting potential soulmates across the miles. However, I would be very surprised if one side effect of this has not been an increase in long distance relationships. Add to this overseas military deployment and there will be a lot of couples away from each other this Valentine’s Day.

I would love to hear your ideas about how heartmates can to bridge the gap this Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few to get things started.

Words of Affirmation
  • Plan a romantic txt barrage. A top 10 (or ?) countdown of the things you most appreciate about your heartmate.
  • Send a poem or loving message on the back of numbered postcards – one word at a time. Have your heartmate puzzle together the clues to rebuild the message. As an added bonus, have the cards form a picture on the opposite side.
  • @Teresacapocci  A Video SenT dirrecT2Phone Singing LOVE SONG!
Quality Time
  • @deepbluesealove I’ve done romantic movies w/LD BF on phone, both watching movie while talking on phone. Could have dinner/dessert/flowers delivered earlier. Ex & I were LD for years, we’d even decorate Christmas trees via webcam, etc. We also would make private chat rooms & play romantic tunes… Can watch movie at same time via X Box Live on Netflix, send movie invite.
  • @Teresacapocci  Show up at door Step Unexpectedly Holding a Rose in one hand & HearT in The OTher! BEST GifT “EVER!” … @Ugogurl It just might not be an option though… distance, expense, time, day of the week, no holidays.
Receiving Gifts
  • Many items can be sent. Subscriptions (flowers, chocolates, chips), if you can customize them, might leave a year long impression.
  • Mail order catalogs often allow you to gift items. I love the ThinkGeek catalog, for example.
  • @childsplayx2  I once sent GF’s roommate a gift to hide along with clues where to find it. Each clue led to another friend. We got married.
  • Gordon Simmons (Facebook). Contact the friends/co-workers of the person who will see said person (sorry, you didn’t say what gender) throughout the day and arrange to have them give a little “love momento” on behalf of the one who lives far away. Little cards, a flower, tickets to an event of some sort, a treat of some sorts, etc. Make the entire day special.
  • @Teresacapocci  Send Tix 4 <3 2FLYThere!
Acts of Service
  • Arrange to have a cleaning service drop in to give your heartmate a break from day to day chores. Could also arrange to have the car picked up and serviced.
  • Order a meal that will be delivered for Valentine’s Day dinner.
  • Send a pre-addressed box to collect your spouse’s receipts. Do their taxes.
Physical Touch
  • Send a gift certificate to a spa along with a “touching” note.
  • Mail something personal and tactile – a shirt, a stuffed animal, mittens – that your heartmate will be able to cuddle/use as a reminder of you.
  • Arrange for a surprise proxy hug to be delivered by a friend or relative that lives closer.

One response to Long Distance Love?

  1. Great ideas for long distance romance. In our Marriage Prep 101 Workshop this weekend, I heard another example. A couple who needed to be away on business during Valentine’s Day last year- one in New York; the other in San Francisco: Both picked up Chinese food, poured a glass of wine and sat down to have “dinner together” via a 1 hour phone call, followed up by emailed love letters…sweet. And, yes they are looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day in person this year!