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February 21, 2011 — Leave a comment
I’m old enough to remember when rap & hip-hop didn’t even exist. I love music of all sorts (I’m more about the message than the packaging) and I’ve been telling friends for years that I believe the next big thing in music will likely be some sort of eastern fusion.
So I was really pleased when I got a chance to pick the brains of someone who plays Bollywood and Bhangra music for a living. Thanks to Angelina Rai of RJ1200 for sending along the following list of love songs! I think my favorite is Jab Mila Tu.
  1. Pehli Nazar Mein (At First Sight) by Atif Aslam [Lyrics]
  2. Saiyyan (My Love) by Kailash Kher
  3. Teray Hussan De Maare (Your Beauty Kills Me) by Master Saleem
  4. Jab Mila Tu (Since I’ve Met You) by Vishal Dadlani [Lyrics]
  5. Pee Loon (Will Drink) sung by Mohit Chauhan

Anyone have any other suggestions for foreign language love songs?

In my mind, the ideal love song:

  • should  not be a “pining” or breakup song. I want songs about a type of love that is mature and functional. :)
  • preferably should not be “I’d be nothing without you” songs. I believe heartmates are functional individuals on their own, but enhanced through their interdependency. In pop music, this is actually a pretty hard song to find!
  • (For practical purposes, it should be available to play via YouTube.)

Of course the rules can be bent a bit if it is really catchy. :)  Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.


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