The “To Know” List

July 26, 2011 — 2 Comments
What follows is a list of information that I’d recommend you know about your heartmate. Having the list with you either in your memory, phone or wallet can help ensure your spur of the moment romantic gestures are spot on.
  • Birthday – Dah!
  • Anniversary – Double dah!
  • Ring Size(s) – Can be a comparison to one of your fingers.
  • Clothing sizes – e.g. shirt (t, golf, dress), skirt, suit, pants, jeans, bra and panty size
  • Shoe size
  • Allergies: metal, food, materials (e.g. Sandra is allergic to angora. Also nickel content making purer gold, silver important.)
  • Preferences: No leather, etc.
  • Color
  • Drink(s)
  • Foods(s) & Treat(s)
  • Comfort food
  • Stores
  • Local restaurants
  • Local attractions
  • Music/Artists/Genre
  • Authors/Genres of books
  • Movies/Genres/Actors
  • Radio station(s)
  • Music (especially memorable/meaningful songs and their associations)


  • Date
  • Kiss
  • Time
  • Everyday things together (car, grocery shopping)

Wow Extras:

  • Parent/Sibling Birthdays
With my old-guy memory such as it is, I actually try and keep a list like this for each of the “irreplaceable others” in my life. Can you think of any other items  that should be added to the list above? 

2 responses to The “To Know” List

  1. Very important: sensitivities. E.g., “Don’t attract attention to my height (short or tall).” “Don’t tell anyone my mother’s maiden name.” “Don’t keep reminding me to tidy up my email inbox.” “I deplore the sound of cell foam.” “I hate beets.”

  2. I like the way you worded that. Thanks.