With romantic gestures, it’s safety first

July 27, 2011 — Leave a comment

Remember: Safety First!

“You’re on fire.”

“Ah… Thanks hun.”

“No, seriously, your hair!”

We laugh about it now, but I’m not making this up. She’d had a long day at work, so I’d poured a romantic bath for my Lovely complete with romantic candles around the tub. As she sank into the warm water, her long hair bent into one of the flames and caught on fire! Fortunately a quick dip underwater solved the problem before she got hurt, but it has always been a reminder to me to make sure that I try and ensure my romantic gestures are as safe as possible.


Clearly things can go terribly wrong. Consider these hazards:

1. Fire – The fact that there is a State Farm Ad about using candles safely on Valentine’s Day suggests that our near miss is not as rare as you’d hope. Contrary to what Eminem and Rhianna might want you to think, burning the house down isn’t romantic.

2. Water – One of the most horrific romantic-gestures-gone-wrong that I’ve ever heard of involved a planned marriage proposal on the ocean. In 2008, a bride-to-be was swept out to sea by a “sneaker wave” on the Oregon coast.

3. Lightning – A proposal in the beauty of the outdoors went tragically wrong when the bride-to-be was struck by lightning.


Every romantic gesture comes with risks – some emotional, some physical, some you can plan for, some you can’t. Anything you can do to ensure that your romantic gesture is as safe as possible is surely worth the planning.

Question: Have you ever had a near miss during a romantic gesture with your heartmate?

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