Quick tip: Picnic Mirrors

August 14, 2011 — 1 Comment

By the end of the meal, 27 candles symbolizing 27 memories were burning brightly.

Here the mirrors are used to divide our long table in half to make the setting more intimate.

Before our 27th anniversary, I went to IKEA to pick up a set of tea lights for an outdoor picnic. Partway into my shopping trip it occurred to me that it might be difficult to set up the candles and wine glasses on the uneven grass. I couldn’t find a tray that would fit in the basket, but happened to run across a package of 6 inexpensive, square mirrors that I thought might work. Not only did they work wonderfully as the flat surface I needed, they also added a little sparkle to the scene. We have subsequently used them for picnics, special dinners and even a wedding.


One response to Quick tip: Picnic Mirrors

  1. We love this idea! We’re going to add mirrors to our picnic supplies. Thank you for sharing!