Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-24

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  • "Every little thing that you do
    I'm so in love with you
    It just keeps getting better
    I wanna spend the rest of my… #
  • @RaneeDillon lol! #
  • Ah! Beautiful! RT @CatchTheBaby: RT @dianefischler: Iowa couple married 72 years dies holding hands, 1 hour apart.” #
  • @giapatton LOL. You're a teacher too? :) #
  • My birthday present for my Mrs. made her cry happy tears. #MyWorkHereIsDone … for now. :) #
  • @agata_24 Other than orientation,I'm not convinced there is such a thing as "not sexually compatible" although I'm prepared to be educated. #
  • @jemiwa She picked out a purse for herself, but I put a "bonus" inside – a pop-up book using her description of how I proposed. :) #
  • @agata_24 I'd characterize those as challenges, not incompatibilities, so my answer: Yes, if discussed before marriage; no after. #
  • @agata_24 Truth. However I'd argue the incompatibility is deeper than the sex; bad sex as a symptom of greater issues vs the cause? #
  • @agata_24 Put another way, I believe _all_ long term sexual relations involve some incompatibility as we each have our own boundaries. #
  • @agata_24 …but the measure of success is in developing strategies for acceptable mutual satisfaction. #
  • @agata_24 Eep… I'm being decidedly not very rated g today. Lol. #
  • We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with… #
  • Just watched DD's 4th year play (wrote/directed). No one warned us it was going to be a fictionalized version of her life in dance! #tears #
  • Well done DD. And thank you for picking talented & attractive young actors to play your parents. LOL. #
  • Happy Birthday Mrs! I hope you know just how much you make the world around you a better place. #gratitude #love TY 4 making memories w/me. #
  • This week's #FF @m2_creative @brenebrown @eftdoc @theicebreak @dianefischler @chumplet @meredithheron @a8forwomen @engagedmarriage #
  • @dianefischler De rien. :) #
  • Car crash led to bliss. Really! #MyMarriageIn6Words (Fun idea @sheilagregoire!) #
  • @sheilagregoire No, but we became friends in the aftermath of one. She was my good Samaritan/taxi. :) #
  • @giapatton I hear that. I'm a middle school teacher & I'm still traumatized by field trips. Lol. #
  • @jonforeman Happy Birthday from the Pacific Northwest. May your day involve blessings to overflowing. #
  • @jemiwa lol. Picture? #
  • @EFTdoc lol. Caught the fever. :) #
  • How is it that one of the best shows about the complexity of human emotion/relations is a zombie show?! Love @WalkingDead_AMC . :) #
  • @Bryan_Duncan Just wait. I'm writing a book with a friend & one proposed chapter title is "There is no such thing as codependency." LOL #
  • Update: At Depression's End ; A special thanks @jonforeman, @janetevanovich, @gretchenrubin for the role you played. #

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