A Romatic Kiss

A Romatic Kiss

This site is meant to be an extension to my Twitter feed of the same name; a place where we can talk about romantic ideas without the 140 character limitation.

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. If you are a romantic or are wanting to learn how to be more romantic, I hope you will find some interesting and useful information here.





What are your qualifications?

Formal training? Nada. Zilch. Nothing. I have no formal training that makes me an expert on romantic gestures. I hold a double major B.Sc. in Computer Science and Biology and also have my teacher’s training/certificate. In my real life I am a grade 6/7 middle school teacher, which gives me some experience with hormonal behavior and conflict resolution, but that’s a bit different.

My only qualifications are from my own experiences and there I do OK. I’ve been happily married to my one and only for 26 years now. In church terms, I’m a lay pastor of all things romantic. I bring my life to you.

Why write about things romantic?

Well, because they told me to. I’ve been told several times by those around me that I should write a Romantic How-To book. As one of my friends just told me “You two are too cute. It’s kind of sick actually.” :-) I may write a book one day but, in the mean time, this site and my Twitter feed are my attempt to spread that illness in the hopes that others can find and keep the kind of relationship I’ve shared with my Mrs.

Is Gregory Blake your real name?

Sort of. But it is a pen name. Because of the intimate nature of the subject matter, It just makes things easier for me and those around me to write annonoymously. As my darling daughter once said, “Do you know how hard it would be for me to date if guys found out that my dad really did write the book on romance?”

The name is fake, but the stories are true.

Who are your romantic influences?

I’ve thought about that quite a bit and I guess most of my romantic training came from my parents, grand parents and my extended family. We never sat down and had romance lessons or anything, but I’ve always known that relationships were important and caring was always modeled. From my grandparents down to my cousins,  we have had over 33 marriages and to date only 8 have ended in divorce over a 60 year period.

If I had to name one book that has influenced my romantic ideology, hands down the best book is “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” by Gary Chapman.

Somewhat strangely, my training in evolutionary biology also provides insight into romantic relations. Relationship is also very important to my faith.

You’re wife is so lucky.

My wife makes it easy! I’m the lucky one.

You must have the perfect relationship.

Crazy talk. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Everyone has problems from time to time. Romantic gestures are like vitamins that help keep the ill away, but even we get sick sometimes – but we always strive for a healthy relationship.

Hey! I tried that and it didn’t work!

It happens to every romantic. Not everything you will try will work. But keep trying!

What’s all this Rated G non-sense? What do you have against the bow-chica-wow-wow?

Eep! Nothing! Erotic romance is super important to any long term romantic relationship. It’s one of my favorite things. :-)

That said, do the math: If you and the one you are with canoodle an average of an hour every day (optimistic, especially at my age <grin>), that still leaves over 90% of your waking hours in which to find ways to honor your significant other. Ironically, there is way more information on the web about  the 10% than the 90%.

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  2. @sailorscorpio from Twitter here. It hit me today after reading an article you shared that most romance articles seem geared toward a couple without kids. I would enjoy seeing some more suggestions on keeping the romance alive when there’s school, tantrums, and diapers weighing heavily on a parent’s mind. Mommies & Daddies need to keep their romance alive, too, after all, and I’ll bet you and your Mrs. have some tips and tricks to share.

  3. It’s funny because I don’t see much of a difference between “with kids” or without, so I’ve never really thought of it before. Maybe that point isn’t as obvious as I thought. I’ll definitely put that on my “to write” list. Thanks!

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