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Quick tip: Picnic Mirrors

August 14, 2011 — 1 Comment

By the end of the meal, 27 candles symbolizing 27 memories were burning brightly.

Here the mirrors are used to divide our long table in half to make the setting more intimate.

Before our 27th anniversary, I went to IKEA to pick up a set of tea lights for an outdoor picnic. Partway into my shopping trip it occurred to me that it might be difficult to set up the candles and wine glasses on the uneven grass. I couldn’t find a tray that would fit in the basket, but happened to run across a package of 6 inexpensive, square mirrors that I thought might work. Not only did they work wonderfully as the flat surface I needed, they also added a little sparkle to the scene. We have subsequently used them for picnics, special dinners and even a wedding.


Long Distance Love?

February 6, 2011 — 1 Comment


I Love You Txt

How do you show love to your distant heartmate?


I was one of the original tele-commuters, traveling back and forth between Vancouver and Columbus, OH for work in the 80’s. I was never gone more than two weeks at a time, but at the end of those two weeks I was always ready to go home. I craved face to face communication; the kind of affirmative words that only a smile can convey.

Flash forward to today. The internet has been a blessing to many, connecting potential soulmates across the miles. However, I would be very surprised if one side effect of this has not been an increase in long distance relationships. Add to this overseas military deployment and there will be a lot of couples away from each other this Valentine’s Day.

I would love to hear your ideas about how heartmates can to bridge the gap this Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few to get things started.

Words of Affirmation
  • Plan a romantic txt barrage. A top 10 (or ?) countdown of the things you most appreciate about your heartmate.
  • Send a poem or loving message on the back of numbered postcards – one word at a time. Have your heartmate puzzle together the clues to rebuild the message. As an added bonus, have the cards form a picture on the opposite side.
  • @Teresacapocci  A Video SenT dirrecT2Phone Singing LOVE SONG!
Quality Time
  • @deepbluesealove I’ve done romantic movies w/LD BF on phone, both watching movie while talking on phone. Could have dinner/dessert/flowers delivered earlier. Ex & I were LD for years, we’d even decorate Christmas trees via webcam, etc. We also would make private chat rooms & play romantic tunes… Can watch movie at same time via X Box Live on Netflix, send movie invite.
  • @Teresacapocci  Show up at door Step Unexpectedly Holding a Rose in one hand & HearT in The OTher! BEST GifT “EVER!” … @Ugogurl It just might not be an option though… distance, expense, time, day of the week, no holidays.
Receiving Gifts
  • Many items can be sent. Subscriptions (flowers, chocolates, chips), if you can customize them, might leave a year long impression.
  • Mail order catalogs often allow you to gift items. I love the ThinkGeek catalog, for example.
  • @childsplayx2  I once sent GF’s roommate a gift to hide along with clues where to find it. Each clue led to another friend. We got married.
  • Gordon Simmons (Facebook). Contact the friends/co-workers of the person who will see said person (sorry, you didn’t say what gender) throughout the day and arrange to have them give a little “love momento” on behalf of the one who lives far away. Little cards, a flower, tickets to an event of some sort, a treat of some sorts, etc. Make the entire day special.
  • @Teresacapocci  Send Tix 4 <3 2FLYThere!
Acts of Service
  • Arrange to have a cleaning service drop in to give your heartmate a break from day to day chores. Could also arrange to have the car picked up and serviced.
  • Order a meal that will be delivered for Valentine’s Day dinner.
  • Send a pre-addressed box to collect your spouse’s receipts. Do their taxes.
Physical Touch
  • Send a gift certificate to a spa along with a “touching” note.
  • Mail something personal and tactile – a shirt, a stuffed animal, mittens – that your heartmate will be able to cuddle/use as a reminder of you.
  • Arrange for a surprise proxy hug to be delivered by a friend or relative that lives closer.

Ideas for Last Minute Santa

It’s 1 am Christmas morning, all the stores are closed, and you just must find a last minute gift for the amazing girl you met earlier at the Christmas Eve party.

OK, OK, I know I’m stretching it, but none of the regular readers of my blog should be so unprepared for their long term heartmates, right? To make this even more challenging, I want to talk about gifts that can’t be built. Handmade gifts should be in the repertoire of every romantic, but for the purposes of the this challenge, what gifts are there that you can buy and print in the middle of the night.

Tickets to your heartmate’s favorite band, play, movie or sporting event are always a good choice. While not all venues offer PDF downloadable tickets, many do (eg. Order the tickets, print them, and put them is a card with meaningful words*. Event tickets are all about making a memory and should also reflect your understanding of your significant other. The beauty of this gift is that you will be able to embellish the actual evening at a later date. Plan on taking your heartmate to a new or favorite restaurant the day of the event or plan some other way of making the event special. The tickets are just the lead in.

A less obvious choice is a gift certificate for . Kiva’s mission is “to connect people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty.” This microfinancing portal is changing the world one life at a time. Many other charities also have printable options, but the cool thing about Kiva is that your gift is a true loan. If the third world entrepreneur pays back the loan (and the vast majority do), the money comes back into the “investor’s” account. Your heartmate will be able to re-invest that gift over and over again, each time thinking of you. Or, if they have a different favorite charity (including their own “hard knocks” fund), the money can actually be withdrawn. I’ve actually tried it to see if this was legit, and it truly is.

In both situations above, deliver the gift with confidence. If you outright say apologetically, “I totally forgot about you and didn’t know what to get you, so here you go…” the impact will be lost. Your gift needs to be a heartfelt gesture, not a consolation prize.

So there are a couple of ideas. Anyone have any more?

* A quick note on your card. If your heartmate’s love language is “Affirmative Words,” the card will likely be as important, if not more important than the gift. I speak from experience. Affirmative Words is my number one love language and I still hold dear cards I’ve received in the past.

#RC1218: Ice is Nice

December 18, 2010 — 2 Comments

Romance Challenge 1218: Think of a rated G romantic gesture that involves ice.

To help guide your thinking, remember the five love languages. Here are a few examples:

  • Quality Time – Take your heartmate to the skating rink and enjoy some time holding one another up (at least that’s how it works in our house. #MrCantSkate).
  • Words of Affirmation – Etch a heart, initials and a message into the ice of a frozen pond. Note: If you heartmate isn’t into PDA, be sure it is possible to cover up the message with snow after it has been seen.
  • Acts of Service – Salt a path in the driveway for your heartmate before they arrive home. For an added touch, use the opportunity to leave a message or hearts along the edges.
  • Gifts – When in doubt, diamonds are great “ice” for her. On a totally different tack, consider carving an ice sculpture ahead of time for your heartmate and making it a “destination surprise” for a winter walk together.
  • Physical Touch – ‘Tis the season for accidental sprains. Be ready with a comforting ice pack and apply it tenderly while watching a favorite movie together.

Let’s have some fun with this! Leave a suggestion in a comment for a chance to win a copy of “Love & Respect” courtesy of the Thomas Nelson Publishing’s Love & Respect contest.

Romance Challenge 1211: Think of a rated G romantic gesture for the holidays that does not involve giving a gift.

To help guide your thinking, remember the other five love languages besides Gifts. Here are a few examples:

  • Quality Time – Prepare a CD of your holiday favorites, research the locations of the best Christmas light displays & see if your can find them together.
  • Words of Affirmation – Send your heartmate a heartfelt, handwritten Christmas card in the mail…even if you live in the same home.
  • Acts of Service – Spend an evening together doing Christmas cards. Reconnect with your collective past.
  • Physical Touch – Give your heartmate a comforting foot bath and massage after a long day of holiday shopping.

Let’s have some fun with this! Leave a suggestion in a comment for a chance to win a copy of “Love & Respect”.