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Creating a romantic gesture? Show your heartmate by layering components that can add to any romantic gesture.

"Inside a Toolbox" by SiomuzzzI gave a talk at the men’s breakfast at our church this past February and I have to admit I was both encouraged and horrified. I was encouraged because guy friends I thought would just heckle me sincerely participated in a deep discussion about love and romance. On the flip-side, I was horrified because, rather than enabling the guys to honor their wives more effectively, I felt like so many of the guys left the talk feeling shame and guilt. That certainly wasn’t my intent and I’ll have to make sure I tweak any future talks to make that obvious.

So I hope that in introducing the new “show” category to you that you will see it for what it is… not more reasons to feel guilty, but rather a growing tool catalog of new and familiar tools for creating romantic gestures. Rather than writing yet another “101 Romantic Ideas” list, I want to enable you to create your own personalized romantic moments and gifts.

It is my goal to introduce you to various key elements that I have found in my research that can be overlapped to create lavish, out-of-the-ordinary romantic gestures. Some of the tools I plan to write about include:

  • illusion or surprise – more precisely, the unexpected.
  • allusion
  • firsts
  • bests
  • “returning to the scene”
  • taking risks
  • unique /once in a lifetime
  • the opportunity to laugh
  • excitement
  • sentimentality
  • creating a memory
  • themes
  • music
  • fire
  • water
  • location
  • timing
  • clues/contests/scavenger hunts
  • recruiting friends

All of these can be used to embellish traditional romantic gestures or layered deep for special events like Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries.

So imagine yourself cracking open the latest catalog from your favorite tool store. Here’s hoping that as the “show” category grows, it will fill you with the same inspiration to create wonderful things.