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27 Candles, 27 Memories

August 11, 2010 — 2 Comments

I bought my Mrs. car parts for her anniversary. No, I am not kidding. It is what she wanted and I learned long ago that the first rule of gift giving is “give them what they want,” not what you think is proper or cool or romantic. Gifts are all about the receiver. So when she suggested that we re-chrome a number of items for her 1956 Olds that we are restoring, I was happy to oblige – at least I could say I got her something shiny for our special day. :-)

Gift giving is about the receiver, not the giver. Give them what they want.

Gift giving is about the receiver, not the giver. My Mrs. wanted re-chromed car parts!

However, while the pieces we had restored are a beautiful and pragmatic gift, the work did not come cheap. Implication? Our anniversary date would definitely have to be on a budget.

So I started planning a picnic date. I found a lovely secluded location up a mountainside beside a small waterfall. It was perfect. But then, a week before our date, my Mrs. pulled her achilles tendon. Fortunately the ultrasound showed that it was just a strain, not ruptured or torn, but for obvious reasons there would be no mountain hike possible on our date and the terrain was just too rough for a wheelchair (I actually checked). This location and the activities it made possible would have to wait for another day.

Plan B. With all romantic gestures, it is a good idea to have a plan b just in case. And a plan C, D & E if it is a really important date. :) Be flexible. In this case I think plan B actually turned out better than what I had originally planned.

The weather could not have been lovelier. I walked home from school energized by a gorgeous Spring day. The sun felt warm, but not too hot, and the only clouds in the sky, far from being menacing, were like fluffy props hung for imagining and reminiscing. Continue Reading…

It was our 26th anniversary on May 14th and we spent the better part of the day upgrading our kitchen floor. We installed the new vinyl plank flooring I bought the Mrs. as a present.

Tres romantic, n’est pas? Normally, no. Household upgrades are not romantic for most couples. However, for us it was.

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