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We were singing when some late comers arrived to church. He, the epitome of Santa Claus, white beard and belly, had his wife on his arm helping her fragile form down the aisle toward a seat near their “where we normally sit” chairs. She shuffled uncomfortably along with him, her tongue hanging out to the side slightly – a side effect of the cancer meds. The adult diapers under her pants rustled slightly as she struggled forward. Her swollen “prednisone” face carried a sheepish smile and the obvious telltale signs that she has very few time left. Continue Reading…

Nominees for the Most Romantic Movie of 2009 Below are our top 4 nominees for the most romantic movie of 2009.

Which movie do you feel deserves the title?

What was the most romantic movie of 2009?

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The Proposal

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Twilight 2 : New Moon