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  • The beauty of surprises. RT @jen_kirsch: happy wife, happy life. and how: #
  • Help! In Gmail, I can no longer see my inbox contents list even though it is saying I have 112 messages. Chrome is upgraded. Any ideas? #
  • Ever tried acting out favorite characters, movie scenes, actions, etc. to enhance your rated G romantic gestures/dates? Examples? #
  • Woa. Just found out we saved >$400 in data roaming charges this trip using our new Mifi Jetpack w/ pay-as-you-go wifi hub! #CDNTravelTip #
  • There's always more we want to do than we can do – it's a product of an active and motivated life. ~ @EFTdoc #
  • Intigruing study! > "Sharing activities and household tasks is what really seems to be connected to men’s love." #
  • Nice. :) RT @eloranicole: Date night. #
  • Engagement Rituals: You think your engagement was tough, check out some of these? #
  • Belated review of Total Recall (2012). Based on reviews, we expected a train wreck. Instead, we got a half decent action flick. 7.5/10 #
  • Just saw The Bourne Legacy. Very Bond-esque. A fun ride. 8/10 #
  • Lol! RT @NYC_Blonde: Don't worry, the "chubby cheek iPhone hang-up" happens to all of us. #
  • Thanks! RT @EFTdoc: Happy FF! @hitchedmedia @NewlywedSurvive @LisaKiftTherapy @RelationshipAid @RatedGRomance @DrMelanieG @Estes_Therapy #
  • The Invitation by Oriah

    It doesn’t interest me
    what you do for a living.
    I want to know
    what you ache for
    and if… #

  • Christine Sinclair is to US soccer what Vladislav Tretiak was to Canadian hockey. #respect #London2012 #